Tripl3 Shot Reaction Lights




Tripl3 Shot Reaction Lights is a wireless reaction training system consisting of LED proximity and impact sensor lights. The system enables the user to work atributes of human performance in real-time such as speed, reaction time agility and coordination.

Tripl3 Shot reaction lights are designed for soccer, basketball, football, volleyball. taekwondo, badminton training and other agile response training. reaction Lights are an incredible training tool. It is versatile, flexible, wearable and easy to use. Reaction light are equipped with a magnet, which will help you apply it to the floor, wall, bracket and any daily metal surface and training tool.

As we all know, the responsiveness and response to specific sudden impulses are different concepts in our daily life. Therefore, training reactivity is a necessary work for those people who play ball. Because it will effectivity help them improve the playing skill.

Using reaction lights during playing ball, which is a new functional training method with dynamic, fun and suitable feature. Any type of training is interactive, which increases responsiveness.


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