RipCone v2


The RipCone v2 was designed with an innovative screw top, allowing for attachments and future builds. The built-in-hole also allows for RipSticks to be placed within the cone for added accountability and training variety.



Micah Lancaster invented the original RipCone in 2012, followed closely by the unreleased RipCone v2 in 2014, which featured the first ever screw top for a cone. In 2020, a hole was added to the RipCone v2 design and the next RipCone was officially released, becoming the first cone designed for attachments, the RipCup, RipSticks, and future builds.

The main features of RipCone v2 are:

  • SAME INNOVATIVE GRIP: The RipCone has always been designed to be grabbed during training, and the Grip itself forces players to drop their shoulders and learn basketball specific body positions
  • SCREW TOP: The first cone with a top made for attachments like the RipCup and future builds
  • HOLE IN TOP: The built in hole allows for the Ripstick & Pipes to be placed within the Cone for added accountability
  • AN EVEN WIDER BASE: Designed to be picked up and placed down for lower hips and control & a steady base for attachments


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