Agility Trainer Pro




Games and matches aren’t predictable, so why should your speed training be? The Agility Trainer Pro features a unique trapezoid design, allowing athletes to train for quickness, power, and speed, with true, game-like movements. Coaches can position the AgilityTrainer Pro as they like, the design allows you to recreate the curvilinear and broken patterns that take place in sports. Durable and built for every surface, the trainer won’t slip, slide, or otherwise interrupt tough training sessions. Coming in a set of 10 with a carry handle, the Agility Trainer Pro is compact and portable, ideal for teams and players on-the-go.

  • Train footwork and agility patterns in game-like situations
  • Designed for curvilinear and customizable training patterns
  • Cut your reaction time while adding speed in all directions
  • Durable and built to use on any surface, including grass, tracks and courts
  • Comes in a set of 10 with a carry handle


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